Lake Fork

Fishing Report Jan 9, 2013

Time to get booked for Lake Fork trophy bass fishing. With all the rain we are getting fishing should be great this season. I plan on putting in more time prefishing the lake this year so pick your days and lets get this thing booked up. Plan on fishing late February-late March.If you have never fished Fork with me here is the program. We fish out of Popes Landing and fish with live bait under a balloon for monster bass.… Continue reading →

Fishing Report March 19, 2012

Lake Fork bass fishing was a little up and down this year but we had more good days then bad. The rain we are getting should help all my fishing. We dont need another drought this summer that is for sure. I will post up some trophy bass pics soon. Time to get after the striper and catfish on the Red River in the airboat.

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Fishing Report March 21, 2011

Fished 6 trips on the river last week and the fishing is starting to pick up, it was still a little slow but should pick up soon. The Lake Fork fishing was a big success so we will offer that trip again next year. Here are some pics of some of the bigger fish that we caught.

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