Spring Time Stripers on Top at Lake Texoma

Catching striper on topwater lures is my favorite. I like to catch stripers on jigs, slabs, and even live bait, but nothing compares to watching your favorite topwater lure get creamed by a hungry striper. I love that feeling when you are working a topwater lure and you know that at any moment a fish will blow up on it. If you have ever caught stripers on top you know what I am talking about and if not it is something you should try. Here is a very simple pattern for catching Texoma stripers on top. Im000507

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Big River Blue Catfish-Texas Style

monster-catfish-picI have always had a fascination with catching big trophy catfish. There are probably more myths and legends about giant catfish than there are about “Bigfoot”. Every fisherman has heard tales about giant catfish, but I will leave the myths, legends and other assorted fairy tales to the more talented writers and focus on what works for me when it comes to the real world of consistently catching large Blue Catfish on rod and reel.
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How to Catch and Keep Shad Alive

Catching shad is just like catching any other fish, by that I mean they follow patterns just like other fish do so learning to pattern them will greatly improve your chances of catching them, but like other fish they are sometimes hard to locate. I will break this article down into seasonal patterns that will give you the basics on how to locate gizzard and threadfin shad and I will also give some great information on how to keep them alive. Hopefully you already know how to throw a cast net but if not there is already a lot of info on the internet about that subject.
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