Fishing Report September 27, 2010

Fished a group of four today. North wind was blowing hard so we had to fish the jetties till about noon then it calmed down a little. We caught all the bull reds they wanted to catch then we went out in the gulf and found all the sharks they wanted to catch. We had the sharks chummed up so thick it was fish on every time you put a bait in the water. I did not take any pics… Continue reading →

Fishing Report August 11, 2010

Started the day looking for sharks and found them pretty early, not much fishing it was all catching till everyone had caught all they wanted on mostly 6 foot black tips. We then went looking for tarpon but after a couple of hours of looking we gave up on that and headed to the jetties to look for some bull reds. I was just about to drop a anchor when I saw birds working and big fish blowing up on… Continue reading →