Shrimp Boat

Fishing Report August 26, 2011

Fished a 10 hour offshore trip today. We stopped on a shrimp boat about 20 miles out and the shark action was unbelievable. Here is a pic of hundreds of 4-7 foot black tip sharks feeding on by catch, the pic does not really show how many sharks were under the surface. There were some kings in with the sharks but they were hard to catch with all the sharks. After a while everyone had enough nonstop action on sharks… Continue reading →

Fishing Report August 20, 2011

Shark and Tarpon fishing today. Had to go out 20 miles to find shrimp boats that were loaded up with bonita. We could only catch bonita on the bait we had so we cut some big chunks of bonita and caught two big black tip sharks and broke off 3 more then that bite just died so we went to the beach to look for tarpon. We found a bunch of tarpon but could not get them to bite.

8-20-11 8-20-11-1

Fishing Report August 16, 2011

Offshore today with a group of five. Made our first stop on a shrimp boat at 25 miles. Hooked a shark on a 30 LB rig so it took a while to land, by the time we landed the shark one person was sea sick. The group decided to take him back to the dock so that killed our day. We fished at the jetties and caught a few small sharks. Going offshore Thursday with a group that will not… Continue reading →