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Fishing Report October 2, 2012

Fishing everyday right now and the redfish bite is epic. We are catching big numbers of bull and slot reds. I have a few days open next week and that will be it for my saltwater fishing for the year. Everyone has been keeping me busy so I have not had any time for pics.

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Fishing Report Sep 24, 2012

Back fishing in P.O.C. Fishing is good. Fishing nearshore has been good for sharks ,tarpon, bull reds. Fished Offshore one day and did really good on amberjack and a few sharks. Check out the hammerhead.  

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Fishing Report September 4, 2012

Back home in Pottsboro for a couple of weeks. The fishing in POC was as good as it gets in August. The bull red run has started at the jetties and should be in full swing by the middle of the month. Here are the dates I have open for fall bull reds,sharks ,and tarpon.…

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Fishing Report August 31, 2012

Wind was blowing this morning so we fished the jetties and caught about 7 bull reds, a few sharks, a jack, and a big stingray. Wind calmed down enough so we could get out in the gulf and catch a few big sharks . Not bad for a half day trip. The bull reds will…

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Fishing Report August 28, 2012

Had a pretty good north breeze from the circulation off of Issac along with some small swells. With the north wind the further offshore you get the rougher. We made it out 16 miles to some shrimp boats and the water was not as clear as it had been so we did not catch anything…

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