Fishing Report Archive

Fishing Report October 24, 2004

By Robert Steflik | October 24, 2004

Fishing was much better today. Fished a group of 6 and we limited out on over 20″ and box fish by 8:30 AM with 60 fish in the box.

Fishing Report October 30, 2004

By Robert Steflik | October 30, 2004

Split a group of 8 into two boats this morning and everyone caught a limit of box and over 20″ fish. Fished a group of Boy Scouts for 3 hours in the evening and managed to catch them some fish despite the rain and lack of wind. It was tough to stay on fish because…

Fishing Report November 1, 2004

By Robert Steflik | November 1, 2004

Fished Red River west of the lake today. Catfishing was slow but we caught enough 4-8 LB fish for a fish fry and released one cat that was 21 LBS.

Fishing Report November 3, 2004

By Robert Steflik | November 3, 2004

Fished this afternoon by myself and the fishing was great. Caught a bunch of nice box fish on slabs then I left them biting to look for bigger fish, found them on top water lures and caught about 10 big fish up to 14 LBS and missed a bunch more that would knock my pencil…

Fishing Report November 7, 2004

By Robert Steflik | November 7, 2004

Started out this morning throwing top waters. The fish would hit the lures but we never could hook them, they would just come up and swat at them so we decided to anchor up and use live bait. We caught a limit fast and had to throw back a few over 20″ fish. After we…

Fishing Report November 8, 2004

By Robert Steflik | November 8, 2004

Slow day on the river but we managed to catch a few nice fish. Caught a 31 LB Flathead, 26 LB Blue cat , and a couple of paddlefish.

Fishing Report November 10, 2004

By Robert Steflik | November 10, 2004

Fished by myself this afternoon. Started off slow but then I found a spot that was real good, caught fish on almost every cast for about 30 min. then I left them biting, most were over 20″ fish and some were really nice fish. I caught them all on top water.

Fishing Report November 11, 2004

By Robert Steflik | November 11, 2004

We fished top water lures today. I had a couple of guys in the boat today that could cast good, I don’t get that very often. We caught a lot of real nice fish, the two biggest were 9 and 16 LBS. We released the two big fish. The north wind was blowing hard.

Fishing Report November 12, 2004

By Robert Steflik | November 12, 2004

Fished a group of 5 today. Top water fishing fishing was not as good today, caught about 10 fish on top,25 on slabs and 15 on bait , biggest fish was caught on top , 8.5 LBS. Speaking of bait I had a tough time finding bait for tomorrow. When I was out catching bait…

Fishing Report November 13, 2004

By Robert Steflik | November 13, 2004

Great day on Texoma today. Fished a morning and a afternoon trip today. Started off with top water lures and caught about 4 fish with on that went 11 LBS. Caught most of our fish on bait in deep water. Ended up with two real good boxes of fish, 50 fish in the AM and…