Fishing Report December 24, 2004

Started the day struggling. Stopped to put gas in the boat and the gas cap was frozen up (it was only 17 degrees), finally got it lose then headed to the ramp where I discovered that my boat was frozen to my trailer so bad that the boat would float the trailer up when I backed it in the water ,it finally popped lose and slid into the lake without me. Now I was really in a bind so I made a few call and borrowed a boat to go get my boat, only wasted about 1 hour but it really did not matter anyways because the fish did not bite very well till about 3,but then it was on, we caught a few in the morning but they really turned on in the afternoon. I lost count of how many 5-10 LB fish we threw back but it was non stop for about 2 hours, biggest fish today was 12 LBS. Caught them on sassy shad and slabs but the sassy shad worked best.

12-24-04 12-24-04-1