Fishing Report February 24, 2011

Looks like we will have bait in Lake Texoma this year so we should have better striper fishing this year. I took the boat to the lake for sea trials with the new electronics and below are some screen shots to prove we have shad that survived the cold weather. I am going to start fishing Lake Fork next week and will have a full report when we are done fishing for bass about mid month. I plan on fishing the Red River mid March– mid April for striper and catfish then we will fish Lake Texoma for striper starting in late April. Lowrance HDS-10 / LSS-1 Structure Scan On the left side of the screen is downscan wich is a traditional style sonar that uses 800khz for more detail. The right side is side scan, the bright white line in the middle is right where the transducer passed.



Simrad NSE-12 / BSM-1 Sounder Module screen shot taken at the same time as the structure scan shot.