Fishing Report March 27, 2005

I am back from vacation and ready for this fishing to get going. I went to the river this afternoon and the striper fishing was very good , no big fish but lots of 17-20 inch fish on light tackle. We are going to fish the river in the morning. Went to Port O’Conner last week and the fishing was ok but it was still a little early just like it is here. We caught some sea trout and some reds and a big jack fish took one of my top water lures, I saw the baitfish jumping out of the water so I tossed my lure in there and boom, I have caught a lot of big jacks and if I had known I would not have tossed my lure at them. We also gigged a few flounder at night. I only took light tackle so we tried to avoid the big drum but we did catch a couple in one spot before we moved because these big drum take a while to land on light tackle. Here is a pic of a 20 LB Black Drum and a 32 LB Red Drum.

3-27-05 3-27-05-1