Fishing Report October 2, 2008

My guide service is really slow right now so I got a little bored and decided to do something I have not done in a while, night fishing for flathead catfish. I was going to stay all night but caught all I wanted to catch by 10:30 PM. Forgot to get my scales out of my other boat so I have to do some guessing on the weights. First fish was about a 30 LB blue cat, nice fish but not what I was after, second and 3rd fish hooked up at the same time, about 15 LB flathead and a 50 + LB blue that I was thinking would never stop peeling line, 4th fish was a nice flathead in the upper 20's, 5th fish was another flathead in the mid 20's, and the sixth fish was a 30+ flathead, Pics turned out ok using the timer on my camera except for the biggest flathead, I should have checked it before releasing the fish. Live perch and shad for bait.

10-2-08-2 10-2-08-3 10-2-08-4 10-2-08 10-2-08-1