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Fishing Report October 11, 2010

Fishing is getting better on the lake, lots of small fish today but size should get a little better as it cools off. I have lots of open days for lake fishing or river airboat trip for striper,catfish, flathead catfish, gator gar, and spoonbill.

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Fishing Report April 14, 2010

Back up the river again today in the airboat with another good box of fish and a big 40 lb blue cat that was released. I have some days open next week if you are interested in this trip. Striper should start to move back out of the river into the lake soon.

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Fishing Report February 21, 2010

I did not get enough interest in fishing Tawakoni to put that deal together, maybe next year. I have been busy with a little commercial fishing but will get back to charter fishing about mid March. Probably going to start out in the airboat on the Red River for big striper and cats , also…

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Fishing Report April 23, 2007

Fished the river today with a group of 4. Limited out with a nice box of fish. I have a few spots open for river fishing on the airboat and the action is really good.

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