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Fishing Report February 19, 2007

Fished the river again today and we caught small fish all day, but at about 4:30 PM we caught a 42 LB blue cat, a few minutes later we caught a 45 LB flathead to finish the day good.

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Fishing Report December 22, 2006

Fishing was pretty good on the river today. We caught a 18,21,23,and 35 LB blue cat, a 25 LB flathead cat and a few smaller cats (blues, channels, and flatheads)

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Fishing Report December 21, 2006

Fished the river today and it was a slow start. Lost a few good fish and caught a 14LB flathead , then a 18 LB blue cat, and then we finally got the one we were looking for late in the day. This fish weighed 40 LBS.

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Fishing Report December 17, 2006

Fished the river today. Caught a 30 LB blue cat and 2 flatheads that were about 10LBS each. We did a little snagging and caught a paddlefish and a few buffalo, we also hooked up with 3 big gator gar but did not land them.

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