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Fishing Report December 13, 2005

We were going to fish the river today but my guys got hung up in a airport in Kansas and did not make it. I have a few days open before Christmas and the River fishing for big cats has been really good. December 14 ( Wed.),17( Sat.) ,and Dec 24(Sat.) are open. After Christmas…

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Fishing Report December 11, 2005

On the river again today. 6 big cats 38,25 and 4 more around 20 LBS. We also caught a few small cats and some paddlefish. We hooked a couple of big gator gar but did not land one.

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Fishing Report November 13, 2005

Fished the river today and did fair. Biggest fish was a 27 LB blue cat and we also had a 18,12 and a few smaller ones. The water was to high to catch paddle fish but we did catch one. Hooked a couple of big Gator Gar but lost them.

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Fishing Report November 3, 2005

Fished the river today. Caught 4 Blues from 4- 8 LBS , a 10 and a 20 LB blue and a 37 LB flathead catfish. Snagged a few paddle fish and also caught a few big longnose gar.

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