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Fishing Report August 27, 2011

Ran back out to the shrimp boats today and caught all the sharks we wanted. Ran back to the beach and jumped 3 tarpon and landed 2, also caught a jack and 3 bull reds. The beach front fishing is really getting good. We saw lots of tarpon caught today, September is going to be…

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Fishing Report September 5, 2010

The wind is still blowing so I fished the jetties today. Caught 5 bull reds and about 20 jack's (jetty tuna). Caught some of the jacks on topwater lures so that was fun..

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Fishing Report August 14, 2009

Here are a few pics from the gulf. I have some days open this month. Red Snapper Blacktip Shark Red Snapper 46LB Warsaw Grouper Amberjack Big bull shark on. Bull Shark (about 7 foot) Bull Shark (number one most dangerous shark to humans)   Lots of jacks this year.    Blacktip Shark Lots of dolphins…

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Fishing Report September 4, 2008

Fished offshore today but we did not have to go very far. Started out catching a limit of snapper then we caught a few kings, blue fish, grouper, lady fish, and one big jack. On the way back in we stopped on some bait and caught a king and all the sharks you wanted, they…

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Fishing Report August 18, 2008

Great day today. Lots of storms all around us but we never got wet. One good thing about stormy weather is that it is much cooler. Fishing was as good as it gets, limits of snapper and kings, two nice ling, a few sharks and jacks. We are catching some big snapper in state waters…

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