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Fishing Report August 14, 2009

Here are a few pics from the gulf. I have some days open this month. Red Snapper Blacktip Shark Red Snapper 46LB Warsaw Grouper Amberjack Big bull shark on. Bull Shark (about 7 foot) Bull Shark (number one most dangerous shark to humans)   Lots of jacks this year.    Blacktip Shark Lots of dolphins…

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Fishing Report August 31, 2008

Shark fishing today. Started out tough and we hunted for them till about 11:00 AM then we finally found a shrimp boat culling some by catch and we caught all we wanted fast. Kept these 3 and probably released about 10 more.

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Fishing Report August 19, 2008

Started about 9:00 AM due to storms in the Gulf. When we headed out the pass we were greeted with light rain and strong winds that really chopped it up out there, people say Texoma gets rough but it aint nothing compared to the Gulf of Mexico. We slowly made our way out about 5…

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Fishing Report August 15, 2008

Shark fishing today, started off slow then had to run from a storm and ended up finding a shrimp boat that was covered up with sharks. Caught all we wanted then went looking but only found some undersize ling ,small sharks, and some gaff top catfish. Kept 2 sharks to eat and let the rest…

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