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Fishing Report August 5, 2012

Tried to fish offshore but never put a line in the water. We got chased back to the beach by storms so we hit some shrimp boats and wore the sharks out. jumped 2 tarpon and caught one.

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Fishing Report July 31, 2012

Crazy day today. Started out catching sharks. The bite was good and check out the chunk that a big shark took out of this 6 foot blacktip. Anyone want to go swimming. We moved back inshore and hooked up on three tarpon right quick. Two line crossed and on got cut off, down to two…

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Fishing Report October 2, 2011

I have been fishing almost every day and the redfish bite has been great, The last two days we have caught about 50 red fish each day with about half bulls and half slots. The action has been so fast I have not had time for pics but here are a couple. I have Friday…

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