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Boats and Equipment

Fishing Report November 25, 2010

I have not fished so far this week. I cleaned and tuned up my favorite Abu reels this week. I have three 7000cl Big Game (black reels) and two 7700cl Morrum reels (all aluminum frames) that are as good as it gets in a 7000 size Abu. I kind of prefer the 7000cl because they…

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Fishing Report June 30, 2010

Caught a 40 fish limit of striper today and my last striper trip is tomorrow. No more striper fishing for me till the fall. I took my trailer and all my heavy gear to Port O'Connor a couple of weeks ago and I will be headed down there to fish next week. I need some…

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Fishing Report March 30, 2010

Finally some warm weather and sunshine, we need it bad. The water should start to warm up good this week and the fishing should start getting good so stay tuned. I did not get much response from the report or the e-mail I sent out last week about saltwater fishing this summer. I need some…

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Fishing Report October 8, 2009

Topwater fishing was great early, first cast was a double, that's two striper on one lure and it happened again later in the morning. We caught lots of fish on top but some were small and some to skinny. The sun peaked through the clouds and the topwater was pretty much over so we moved…

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Fishing Report September 7, 2009

I have been a little lazy the last two weeks but I am ready to go get some big gator gar and flathead catfish. From now till the end of the month I will be running 8 hour trips on the Red River for gator gar and flathead catfish. Trips will run from 3 to…

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