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Boats and Equipment

Fishing Report February 14, 2007

I bought a new boat and will be picking it up next week. It is a 26 foot Twin Vee. I went down to Beaumont and test drove one a few weeks ago and it was a very smooth ride in choppy conditions. The boat has a wide floor with lots of room and is…

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Fishing Report January 18, 2007

I had so many problems with the motor on my new airboat I just decided to take some time off and put a different motor on it. I ran it today and it is way better then what I had, not quite as much power but it idles and runs very smooth. I fished a…

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Fishing Report December 19, 2006

Another good day fishing with lures, probably a 75-100 fish day. The pic of my graph is how it should look when you are on them good, we were in 60 foot of water and the depth shows 40.3.

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Fishing Report December 7, 2006

Finally the airboat is ready so we went to the river for a few hours today. Ended up catching a 31 and a 40 LB cat. I will be fishing the lake tomorrow and the river over the weekend. Now is the time for artificial baits for striper on the lake and big cats in…

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Fishing Report November 14, 2006

The weather was perfect and the fishing was good early, limited out with 50 fish in the box. I almost have my new airboat ready to go, should be ready to fish the river for big cats in December.

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