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Boats and Equipment

Fishing Report April 15, 2006

We fished a group of 2 and a group of 5 this morning. The fishing was as fast as you could go early and the big boat limited out early with 50 fish in the box. The group of 2 did not get a wake up call at the hotel this morning and missed the…

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Fishing Report July 18, 2005

Fished a group of 2 on the lake today and the fishing was about as good as it gets early this morning. Limited out on box and over 20″ fish. Check out my new Lowrance sonar/GPS. The color and definition make my old X-15 look a little weak. I really like this unit so far.

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Fishing Report December 2, 2004

Fished a group of 3 on the lake today. Limited out on slabs , kept a limit and released the rest. Here is a pic of the slabs I am using, this one is a 2 ounce but I also use the 1.5 oz on calm days.

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Fishing Report September 22, 2004

I finally have my new airboat. I left Orlando at 4:00 PM yesterday and 19 hours and 1,200 miles later I made it home in one piece. Now I just have to get it rigged out for fishing. I should be ready to do some river fishing and some bowfishing next week. The boat turned…

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