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Fishing Report August 11, 2010

Started the day looking for sharks and found them pretty early, not much fishing it was all catching till everyone had caught all they wanted on mostly 6 foot black tips. We then went looking for tarpon but after a couple of hours of looking we gave up on that and headed to the jetties…

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Fishing Report September 11, 2010

Fished off shore today, the wind was blowing and it was rough but we made it out and caught a few fish. Started off with a couple of nice sharks ,one blacktip and one bull. We did not find much for the next few hours so we ended up bottom fishing and caught a few…

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Fishing Report August 9, 2010

Great day on the beach front with all the black tip sharks you wanted to catch, last shark of the day was another big bull that took one full hour to get to the boat, it was about 8 foot and probably weighed about 300 LBS. Found a school of tarpon on the way in…

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Fishing Report August 2, 2010

Shark fishing trip again today and again it was all you wanted to catch on 4-6 foot (mostly 6 foot) black tip and spinner sharks. I think we lost one big bull. This was a family trip and the kids reeled them up in the rod holders then dad had to finish them off. The…

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