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Fishing Report July 24, 2010

Shark fishing again today and again it was all you wanted to catch on 4-6 foot spinners and black tips till this big bull shark showed up gave us a real fight for one and a half hours, after that they decided they had had enough and we called it a day. The big bull…

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Fishing Report July 23, 2010

Shark fishing today in less then ideal conditions,5 foot seas. We found a good shrimp boat by catch dump and it was all the sharks you wanted up to 7 foot. All sharks were black tips.

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Fishing Report August 14, 2009

Here are a few pics from the gulf. I have some days open this month. Red Snapper Blacktip Shark Red Snapper 46LB Warsaw Grouper Amberjack Big bull shark on. Bull Shark (about 7 foot) Bull Shark (number one most dangerous shark to humans)   Lots of jacks this year.    Blacktip Shark Lots of dolphins…

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