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Fishing Report October 13-14, 2010

I have been fishing the river the last few days and here is what I have found. Lots of small striper and a few nice ones below the dam. Also caught a few blue cats up to 45 LBS and one small gator gar. Have seen some paddle fish but have not spent any time…

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Fishing Report October 11, 2010

Fishing is getting better on the lake, lots of small fish today but size should get a little better as it cools off. I have lots of open days for lake fishing or river airboat trip for striper,catfish, flathead catfish, gator gar, and spoonbill.

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Fishing Report September 26, 2009

Back on the river with a group of four for gator gar and big cats. Only caught a few longnose gar and one 7 LB blue cat. Best part of the trip was watching some fool fly a small plane under the river bridge.

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Fishing Report September 25, 2009

Helped with a big group striper fishing on the lake today. Lake seems to be turning over and the bite was slow but it should improve in the next week. Also fished a river gar and catfish trip that was a bust except for 2 decent blue cats up to 15 LBS.

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Fishing Report September 21, 2009

I went down the river this afternoon looking for gator gar and flathead cats. Found some big gar and had some good runs but never hooked one. I had to get off the river with the storms coming so I did not get to fish for the flathead cats. Also found some paddlefish.

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