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Fishing Report September 16, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain!!! The rain is good for the lake and the topwater striper fishing is as good as it gets. The gar fishing might not happen if it keeps raining .Right now the wind is blowing pretty good out of the north with a light rain and since that is about as good a…

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Fishing Report September 9, 2009

I did some scouting on the river yesterday and found a good gator gar hole but it looks like we will have to make a little run to get to the flathead cats because it does not look like they are in the gar holes. I had two good gar bites and I missed the…

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Fishing Report September 7, 2009

I have been a little lazy the last two weeks but I am ready to go get some big gator gar and flathead catfish. From now till the end of the month I will be running 8 hour trips on the Red River for gator gar and flathead catfish. Trips will run from 3 to…

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Fishing Report September 3, 2007

I got back home last week and have been taking a little time off. Usually I would be fishing for gator gar in the river but the river is way to high this year. I will get back to striper fishing in a few days. Here is a pic of a 19 LB snapper I…

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Fishing Report December 17, 2006

Fished the river today. Caught a 30 LB blue cat and 2 flatheads that were about 10LBS each. We did a little snagging and caught a paddlefish and a few buffalo, we also hooked up with 3 big gator gar but did not land them.

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