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Fishing Report February 21, 2010

I did not get enough interest in fishing Tawakoni to put that deal together, maybe next year. I have been busy with a little commercial fishing but will get back to charter fishing about mid March. Probably going to start out in the airboat on the Red River for big striper and cats , also…

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Fishing Report August 13, 2006

Shark fishing was better today and we caught 17 up to 6 foot then they called it quits at 12:30. The sharks put on a good show for us today , most of them jumped at lest once and a few of them jumped 3 times. We had boats out on Texoma striper fishing over…

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Fishing Report August 10, 2006

Shark fishing was as good as it gets today, it was all you wanted to catch till we finally left them biting after we caught about 40. We have also been doing striper trips on Texoma and still catching striper. We had a group of 4 out on the lake today and they limited out…

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Fishing Report August 2, 2006

Shark fishing was good today, it never was real fast but we did have 2 on a few times. We had 4 foot seas and that made it a little tough on us , ended up catching about 12 and lost about that many more up to 6 foot. We also had a boat out…

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