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Fishing Report August 12, 2005

Limited out on snapper today and one king. The striper fishing is really good on texoma right now and my partners are slow so if you want to catch a bunch of stripers let me know and I can set you up a good trip. It looks like the striper fishing will probably be good…

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Fishing Report January 30, 2005

Fished the lake for striper again today from 9:30 AM till it started raining at about 2:30. We ended up catching about 40 fish and most were 5-8 LB fish with a few box fish mixed in and one 11 LB fish that we released for someone to catch when it gets bigger, I think…

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Fishing Report November 14, 2004

Another great day on Texoma today. Fished a group of 2 in the AM and we split a group of 9 into 2 boats in the PM. Easy limits of good size box fish and over 20″ fish. Fishing is very good on bait and artificials right now.

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Fishing Report November 13, 2004

Great day on Texoma today. Fished a morning and a afternoon trip today. Started off with top water lures and caught about 4 fish with on that went 11 LBS. Caught most of our fish on bait in deep water. Ended up with two real good boxes of fish, 50 fish in the AM and…

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