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Fishing Report March 30, 2010

Finally some warm weather and sunshine, we need it bad. The water should start to warm up good this week and the fishing should start getting good so stay tuned. I did not get much response from the report or the e-mail I sent out last week about saltwater fishing this summer. I need some…

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Fishing Report September 9, 2009

I did some scouting on the river yesterday and found a good gator gar hole but it looks like we will have to make a little run to get to the flathead cats because it does not look like they are in the gar holes. I had two good gar bites and I missed the…

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Fishing Report August 24, 2009

I went tarpon fishing by myself today and quit early ,after catching two big tarpon I was done. If I would have had somebody else with me to reel them in I would have stayed and hooked a few more just to watch them jump out of the water. I still have a few days…

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Fishing Report June 22, 2009

Fishing is still good but it has been a little tougher to get on some fish that will bite. I did not fish today but heard it was pretty tough this morning. I can not believe it is almost July. If the lake gets tough I think the river will be good now that they…

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