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Fishing Report August 20, 2011

Shark and Tarpon fishing today. Had to go out 20 miles to find shrimp boats that were loaded up with bonita. We could only catch bonita on the bait we had so we cut some big chunks of bonita and caught two big black tip sharks and broke off 3 more then that bite just…

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Fishing Report July 28, 2011

I did a little scouting here in POC today. Caught one tarpon that really put on a good show jumping 5 or 6 times. Found a shrimp boat that was loaded up with hots , that's slang for sharks. I needed some muscle in the boat for them sharks, they just pull way to hard.…

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Fishing Report July 15, 2011

Striper fishing is hot and cold. I only have a couple more striper trips then I am headed to Port O'Connor , probably about the 27th of this month. I have been gathering up all my stuff for saltwater fishing. Check out the bean bag, I have 3 of them and they should make the…

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Fishing Report August 11, 2010

Started the day looking for sharks and found them pretty early, not much fishing it was all catching till everyone had caught all they wanted on mostly 6 foot black tips. We then went looking for tarpon but after a couple of hours of looking we gave up on that and headed to the jetties…

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Fishing Report August 9, 2010

Great day on the beach front with all the black tip sharks you wanted to catch, last shark of the day was another big bull that took one full hour to get to the boat, it was about 8 foot and probably weighed about 300 LBS. Found a school of tarpon on the way in…

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